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New Age of Magic is a Harry Potter based rpg that takes place many years after the Harry Potter storyline. A new Dark Lord has risen and now its up to you whether you save the world or destroy it
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 Dante Sparda ( also Devil Wizard)

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PostSubject: Dante Sparda ( also Devil Wizard)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:46 pm

Name:Dante Sparda
Height :6'5
Weight :133
Alignment : Evil
Element : Water

Other Things

Biography:He knows that he isn't normal wizard anyway. Cursed at birth as half-devil, half-human wizard he newer tells about that secret. As hidden and outcast newer he shows his family name always telling that he belongs to Black family by mother blood. Also he have an brother but his brother gone missing.
Personality : Can be silent, cunning sometimes mad, ambitious. He is really wise but he is forced to fight his other dark personality what makes him bloodthirsty monster with hint of destruction and death.

House : (Decided by the Admins/Moderators)

Year : 6 year
Classes : Charms, Advanced Potions,Advanced DADA, Advanced Transfiguration

Others : As halfdemon being he is able to show inner demon in short transform. In darkcirclets he is called Devil Wizard.

Spells :
Expecto Patronus
Jelly jinx Hex
Jelly brain hex
Protego horribilis
Salvio Hexia
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Dante Sparda ( also Devil Wizard)
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