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New Age of Magic is a Harry Potter based rpg that takes place many years after the Harry Potter storyline. A new Dark Lord has risen and now its up to you whether you save the world or destroy it
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 Character Creation Template - Teacher

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PostSubject: Character Creation Template - Teacher   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:03 am


Height :
Weight :
Element : (Fire, Wind, Earth, Water)

Other Things

Personality : (Please be descriptive with this)
Teaches : (The class that you teach)
Others : (Any other facts you want to add about your character or any other skills)
Spells : (Students May not Learn Dark Arts Spells or any of the 3 Major curses and are allowed 15 spells, teachers and death eaters are allowed 30 spells and headmasters and dark lords are allowed to have an infinate number of spells although make it sensible, Head masters wouldnt use Dark Arts or curses)

(You may choose your spells from the following link :
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Character Creation Template - Teacher
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