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New Age of Magic is a Harry Potter based rpg that takes place many years after the Harry Potter storyline. A new Dark Lord has risen and now its up to you whether you save the world or destroy it
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 Damion Aether

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PostSubject: Damion Aether   Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:10 am


Name: Damion Phikx Aether (The Dark Phoniex)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height : 6'0
Weight : 140lbs
Alignment : Evil
Element : Fire

Other Things

Biography: Damion was born as the child of the new prophecy although that was unknown to both him and his parents, along with all of the magical world. While he was young Damion was able to preform magic and he entered Hogwarts along with his twin brother ~~~ Aether. Apon his 1st time at Hogwarts he was placed in the Gryfinndor house due to his brave and adventurous nature. However that nature cause him to also be extremely curious. Damion did a lot of reading and he became a powerful wizard by his fourth year. He read most of the books in the Hogwarts except for those in the restricted section. He started becoming for interested in the Dark Arts as time continued to progress. By his 6th year he began to do work for the Ministry of Magic and it only a matter of time before fate brought the Prophecy fell into his hands. By this time Damion along with his twin brother was a powerful wizard and yet still growing. Damion studied this phophecy and soon he knew that as long as he or his brother survived the other wouldnt be able to grow and reach their full potencial. Damion battled his brother and afterwards both were killed by the other, but as the prophecy predicted Damion was ressurected as a child with most of his memories. He reentered Hogwarts and this time was placed into the Ravenclaw house due to his extreme knowlegde at such a young age. Damion relived live at Hogwarts and he became even more powerful that he was before. Now at his thrid year he began to research books in the restricted section and there he learnt of the wizard Voldemort and other Dark Spells like Horcruxs. Damion graduated Hogwarts again and then became a Dark Lord, using experience he gathers within his two lifetimes to rise into power. He regrouped the death eaters and is now known as a Dark Lord whos powers surprassed Voldemort's. Damion has created 2 Horcruxs thus dividing his soul into 3 parts. One is in a ring that he wears and keeps at his person at all times and the other object is hidden (shall be explained throughout the rp).

Personality : A man who can be seen as the epitome of evil. He can be extremely sadistic as well as cold and sarcastic. Although he is extremely powerful he doesnt overestimate himself nor underestimate any opponent. He seems to have two sides to him. His more common side would be a sarcastic man who can be very cruel yet does it all for pleasure. Although there is a deeper darkness to him in which he becomes a complete sadis harming and even killing those who gets in his way. He doesnt seem to show love to anything and he has a secret fear of death. Although he fears death he knows it must come but he does all he can to prevent it. He has great insight abilities and can be very manipluative and persuasive. He is intellegent and ruthless but his motives are unclear. He currently stands as one of the most powerful "Dark Lords" of all time.
House : N/A
Year : Graduated
Others : Magic Mastery, able to concentrate energy seeming to be a spell and release it as a shockwave.
Extensive Knowlegde on all magic due to his dual lifetimes of studying, Able to preform most spells without a wand and just by using his hands, Transfiguration and Potions Master.
Animagus Form : Damion is able to transform into a black feathered phoniex. In this form he has all a Phoniex's abilities and powers.
Spells :

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>> Dark Lord



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Damion Aether
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